Importance and Benefits of 2D Floor Plans

2D Floor Plans

A clear understanding of how space flows within a property is a powerful tool that aids sales. If a buyer understands the space he is looking at, a purchase decision becomes a lot easier given that the buyer knows exactly what he is paying for. Here is where 2D Floor plans step in.

2D Floor plans are birds-eye-view layouts of a property. They can be used to display space usage, amenities, and even furniture placement. From the location of windows and doors to how each room is furnished, 2D floor plans act as a map of the property. 2D floor plans include exterior layouts like gardens, courtyards, garages, sheds, swimming pools, porches, etc.

With 2D floor plan creation, the purchaser gets an accurate depiction of the property’s layout and an understanding of its dimensions and maneuverability patterns. 2D floor plans can be as simple as mere indications of where walls and doors are and as complex as accurate depictions of how appliances and other home elements are placed in the property. Floor plans detail one floor at a time, so if the buyer is looking at the floor plans of a two-storied house, there will be a separate floor plan for each level.

But why is a floor plan so important? Read on as we detail the direct and indirect benefits of creating a 2D floor plan solution for your property.

The real estate market of today is highly competitive. Equipped with a floor plan, property developers and sellers can put out accurate depictions of the dimensions and proportions of the property and its layout.

Notably, property listings that put up a floor plan are considered more professional by prospective buyers. A buyer always looks at a floor plan to understand whether or not the space he is looking to purchase matches his needs.

In some cases, floor plans are considered even more important than actual photographs of the property. This is because a photograph can be altered while a floor plan is an accurate, crystal-clear depiction of the property.

Often, buyers cannot personally visit the property and are aided with photographs for visual appeal. A 2D Floor Plan Design becomes an essential conversion instrument, helping the buyer accurately visualize the property, its size, and spatial arrangement. Many buyers do not entertain listings that do not include a floor plan. Buyers are also less likely to visit a property that does not have a floor plan.

Picking up from the last point, a floor plan can help developers judge whether the property’s layout is aligned to their needs.


  • A duplex may not be the best option for a family with a physically challenged member.
  • A family with a young child would require easy access to the nursery from their bedroom.
  • People who enjoy entertaining guests would require large balconies and decks.
  • Some families prefer open, planned, centrally placed kitchens and dining areas.

By deploying 2D Floor Plan Services, your prospective buyer can immediately ascertain whether or not the property matches his requirements.

Photographs are great for attracting prospective buyers. However, a floor plan is what makes them stay. Exterior shots of the house and its garden/porch/poo etc., can help draw the buyer in.

On the other hand, a floor plan helps the prospective client locate key attributes of the property, such as which direction the front door faces, where the kitchen is, and other specifications that detail the property’s key attributes. In short, the amenities of the property and where they are placed are clearly highlighted in a floor plan, thus aiding purchase decisions.

Floor plans are drawn out to scale. This means that a prospective buyer immediately has a clear understanding of the square footage of the house and how intuitively it has been used to enhance living conditions to the highest level. With a floor plan, a buyer can decide whether or not he is getting good value for his money and a clear understanding of what he is investing in.

The chances of a prospective buyer making a purchase decision are greatly increased by a floor plan that clearly displays a property’s scale and proportions.

What is the importance of a floor plan in the real estate biz?

If you are looking to sell or rent out your property, a floor plan is a huge asset to your sales collateral. Without a floor plan, you stand the risk of losing out on a large number of potential buyers.

A well-designed 2D layout plan is essential to the value–proposition of a property. It is the layout of the property that dictates the living experience, and even minor deviations can make a sizeable property feel cramped. Conversely, a well-thought-out floor design can result in making a comparatively small space comfortable to live in.

A common question that arises when it comes to floor plans is which to choose, a 2D floor plan or a 3D floor plan. The answer to this question lies in what you wish to use the floor plan for.

2D floor plans are created on the x and y-axis and facilitate depictions of the property from the top or the side.

3D floor plans are created on the x, y, and z-axis facilitating virtual walkthroughs of the property.

It is notable that while a #D floor plan may come across as next-gen and more visually appealing, a 2D floor plan is considered more professional and less decked up, resulting in a softer sale.

Summing up

In Summation, it is clearly evident that 2D floorplan creation services are a significant asset to possess while in the real estate business. IT takes an expert to create them, and many a time, a floor plan is the first draft of the intended property. (The architect draws out a floor plan, and post-approval by the client, the property is then built.)

To make your property more appealing while commanding a higher price tag, 2d Floor plans are the way to go. We trust that this article has proven informative. Until next time, happy planning.

Sumul Padharia, a man of many talents is a BDE by profession, photographer by passion and a cricketer by heart